Remembering Owain Bristow

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of our friend, and fellow volunteer Owain Bristow, who lost his life on 21st August 2020, while climbing at Bullers of Buchan.

Owain was a much loved, passionate, and hardworking volunteer who will be sadly missed. Owain joined campus in 2004 and has volunteered ever since, holding several roles, from group leading, to most recently domesticating. It is safe to say Campus was a huge part of his life, this summer becoming our longest serving volunteer.

Many of you may remember Owain from your time with Campus, we are collecting memories and photographs to share with his family and fellow volunteers. If you would like to share any memories, please contact or We acknowledge this will be a difficult time for his family, close friends, and many of you who knew him.

In honour of Owain’s memory and his service as a volunteer we’ve included an excerpt below from our 2019 November Newsletter in which Owain reflected on his time volunteering with Campus.

CAMPUS~ What advice would you give to anyone thinking of volunteering?

Owain~ Get plenty of sleep before going and enjoy yourself- if you’re having a good time, the kids will have a good time.

CAMPUS~ Of all the things you have on or for Campus, what are you proudest of?

Owain~ Of my first tent night: getting a campfire started with limited kindling, dissuading the older boys from putting it out and then hearing them say later (mid marshmallow toasting) how glad they were that we had one- it was a great night under the stars.

CAMPUS~ What keeps you coming back each summer?

Owain~ The desire to do something that helps to make people happy for 1/52th of their year, the excellent camaraderie between helpers: old, young, new and experienced, and the challenge of fine tuning the efficiency of domestic operations, and, obviously, the change to catch up with all the summer’s best pop music…

CAMPUS~ How did you get involved with Campus?

Owain~ I was looking for an activity to help out during my first long vacation that would give me more experience working with children (I planned to become a teach following my degree)

CAMPUS~ Why do you think people should support Campus?

Owain~ You’re contributing to something that improves the wellbeing of children and their families – it’s one of many pieces in the jigsaw of making the world a better place.