Summer Reflections

Update From The Outgoing Chair

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately summer 2020 has not turned out as everyone hoped it would be. Campus has been running for over 50 years, providing a holiday to hundreds of children. It was with great sadness the Executive Committee had to cancel any form of projects this summer. Please know the decision was not taken lightly, but the safety and wellbeing of the children and families we support, as well as our fantastic volunteers was our priority.

We have had many discussions as to how Campus can adapt to the ever changing situation and also plan for the future. We are acutely aware of the respite many of our families desperately need, and so I was extremely proud that as a group we were able to put together and distribute activity boxes for each child – a mammoth effort from our volunteers! See below for more information and photos! We are also hoping to run some form of Winter Project later this year, but again will listen carefully to the advice and research from the government and SAGE.

Many charities and businesses across the country have seen the effect of the pandemic, and we have provided an update in this newsletter on Campus’ current financial position. We are continually reviewing and updating our fundraising plan, including our overall financial strategy to attempt to reduce the long term impacts.

Thank you from everyone at campus for your ongoing support and generosity, we know it’s been a difficult time for everyone.