Fundraising + Finance Update

2020 has been a tough year with hits to income for many individuals, businesses and charities across the world. We want to thank all our donors for continuing to support us during this time. Regular donations have provided Campus with some stability during this difficult time for small charities.

We wanted to provide some clarity and reassurance to all donors and volunteers that Campus’ financial position is stable at this time. As an entirely volunteer run charity, with 30,000 hours of time volunteered each year and no premises, Campus’ overheads are much lower than many other small charities. Furthermore our spending this year has been low given the cancellation of physical projects and we are grateful for the small number of trusts and grants bodies who have awarded us funding his year, and have been flexible in allowing us to redirect funds into the activity box project or to future projects.

Looking back at the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on Campus’ income, we are preparing for the possibility that our fundraising income will be significantly impacted over the next few years as historically low interest rates and the looming recession take their toll. With this in mind the EC are actively updating our financial planning, investment and fundraising strategy to ensure that Campus can continue offering our support and respite holidays to the children and families of Merseyside in future