Committee 2023-24

Campus is run by a group of friendly, committed volunteers known as the ‘Executive Committee’ or the EC. They are responsible for all aspects of organising Campus’ holidays – from inviting the children to raising funds to looking after the minibus to recruiting volunteers to writing new policies to managing the finances – there is never a dull moment! If you would like to find out more about Campus or how it is run, feel free to get in touch with us.


Oli Gould


Bilal Qureshi


Social Secretary

Michael Petty


Lucy Champion


Becky Leech

Children’s Officer

Rebecca Pinder

Children’s Officer

Annabel Wright

Fundraising Officer

Matt Cowie

Fundraising Officer

Cameron Silverson Pollock


Elliot Bealey

Young Helper’ Officer

Eli-Cher Stanton

Data Officer

Oyin Adewale

General Member

Lucy Akrill

General Member

Eleanor Curry

General Member

Charlie Howell

DBS Officer and Helper Welfare

Natasha Jenman

Equipment Officer

Martha Kingsley

Training Officer

Eleanor Mansfield


Tafwauli Ngoma