Our Impact – 2018

“Ann* had best time ever and wants to go again and again. She was able to enjoy time away from issues at home and was introduced to and experienced activities that she never would have at home, building confidence and self esteem.”
– Social worker who referred a child to Campus for the first time in 2018.

Campus provides children with the opportunity to simply enjoy being children, away from the stresses of challenging home lives.  The high volunteer-to-child ratio and opportunity to try new activities in a caring and supportive environment enables children to increase their self-esteem, develop meaningful friendships and create positive memories.

Our Young Helper programme also enhances the life chances and aspirations of approximately 20 young people aged 14 to 17 each year, by providing them with the opportunity to take on real responsibility through volunteering on projects.  In 2017, 100% of Young Helpers agreed that this had increased their confidence and enabled them to develop new skills – something which will support them with future applications for jobs, training courses, or higher education.
Of parents and carers who responded to our 2017 survey:

  • 100% agreed that their child enjoyed their Campus holiday
  • 96% reported that family benefited from the break provided by Campus
  • 96% indicated that they would like their child to attend future Campus projects

“Campus gave my daughter a break away with new friends and she loved meeting the helpers.  She is so excited about seeing them again.  She was just “her” for the week. It also gave me a break, which we both needed.”

unspecified“It was the first time my daughter had been away without family and she loved it.  It also brought her out of her shell… I cannot thank you all enough.  What you do is great and you are all so wonderful.”

“[The best thing about Campus is] the children enjoy the chance to do things not normally available to them.”

“Doing different activities and making new friends and improved my child’s confidence to mix with other children and adults.”

“Campus promotes friendship and has helped my child be more positive and self-assured in his actions.”

100% of referrers who responded to our survey in 2018 agreed that the children benefited from the opportunity. 100% agreed that their families benefited from the opportunity. 100% agreed that they would refer children to future Campus projects:

“Our young people are often socially isolated.  Campus provides an opportunity for them to engage with other children in a safe environment and build on their confidence and self esteem.” Referrer from Barnado’s Young Carer Project, 2017

“Children benefit from the consistency of a summer break each year, with lots of great activities that will bring them long term positive memories.” Referrer from Liverpool Social Services, 2017

“All of the children I referred thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the break was much-needed by their foster carers. This is the only trip that some of those children will get away from their carers, and gives them a great opportunity to develop friendships and try new things.” Referrer from Liverpool Social Services, 2018


In 2017, 94% of children stated that they tried new activities and 92% told us that they’d made new friends and 97% expressed a desire to attend future Campus projects.  At the end of their 2017 holiday, children told us the following:

“The best thing about Campus is that you can overcome fears and know someone is there for you.”

“I wish I could go back in time to when I was 8 years old, so I could start all over again.”

“I enjoyed everything – you get to meet new people and have fun.”

“My favourite activity was horse riding because I love horses and never normally get the chance to experience that.”

“When I was a child on Campus, watching the adult helpers made me look up to them as people like them willingly gave up their time for people like me, so I hoped one day I would give the same impression to a child.” (Young Helper)

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*All names have been changed.