Our Impact

“The benefit of the respite breaks which Campus provides is just unreal….You make incredibly close friendships with people who you otherwise wouldn’t meet and do activities which just wouldn’t be available to you in your normal life.”
– Adult volunteer & former Young Helper.

Campus provides children with the opportunity to simply enjoy being children, away from the stresses of challenging home lives.  The high volunteer-to-child ratio and opportunity to try new activities in a caring and supportive environment enables children to increase their self-esteem, develop meaningful friendships and create positive memories. Our Young Helper programme also enhances the life chances and aspirations of approximately 20 young people aged 14 to 17 each year, by providing them with the opportunity to take on real responsibility and develop new skills and confidence through volunteering on projects.

100% of parents and carers who responded to our 2016 survey strongly agreed or agreed that:

  • Their child enjoyed their Campus holiday
  • Their child made friends while on Campus
  • Their family benefited from the break provided by Campus
  • They would like their child to attend future Campus projects

“My child came home so happy and couldn’t stop talking about the fun she had had.  She was so enthusiastic and said it was the best holiday ever.”

unspecified“My son looks forward to all events.  He can’t stop talking about it for ages.  I am so grateful to all the lovely staff who do an amazing job with the kids to make sure they’re having fun.  I am so grateful to have a little break.”

“[The best thing about Campus is] all the wonderful activities the children get to do, this creates new, exciting experiences.  The children can reflect on this and develop happy, confident memories, which builds self-esteem and helps them believe in themselves.”

“Both my lads have a fantastic time at Campus, as they tell me all about it.  They make new friends who they have also kept in touch with.  It gives them an escape away from us and our normal daily problems.”

“The break is good for my family – it’s a godsend.  My daughter enjoys meeting new people and doing the activities provided.”

“My kids love the adventures you take them on.”

100% of social workers who responded to our survey stated that they would refer children to future Campus projects:

“Campus is a brilliant resource which provides much needed fun and respite for children. The child I referred loved the residential trip and made some great friends.  You enabled them to broaden their friendship group, build on their self-esteem and learn new skills. They were able to do things they wouldn’t necessarily ever get the opportunity to do.”

“As always, the children who accessed this project thoroughly enjoyed themselves, made new friends and built on their positive memories away from their caring role.”

“All of our children loved their time at Campus and are keen to return.  One of our children was able to greatly improve her social skills and loved making new friends. I would definitely refer a child to Campus in the future.”Campus1

And from the children:

“Campus is like nutella; it should never change.”

“Campus is the best time of year for me.  It’s even better than Christmas… and my birthday.  Way better.”

“Campus is awesome when we work together as a team.”

“I’ve never been so happy.”

“I enjoyed meeting the kids and giving back the kindness and support that I was always given while being around some many amazing helpers.” (Young Helper)

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