Child Referrals


Please email for the referral form

Children who attended projects in 2023 will be invited again in 2024, unless they are now aged 13 or over. This form is for children who did not attend Campus in 2023 to be referred! 

Who can make a referral?

New referrals are accepted from social workers, early help workers, lead professionals, support workers, or other relevant professionals working with the family. We are unable to accept new referrals from Parents or Carers. 

Who can be referred?

Children in school years 1 – 8, who will be aged 6-13 in the summer holidays. 

Why are children referred to Campus?
Children are referred to Campus for all sorts of reasons, and you’ll be asked to select which of these are applicable on the application form. The most important reason children are referred to Campus is that they are in need of a holiday! 

Are there any children who cannot be referred to Campus?

We are unable to provide holidays for children who are unable to manage their own intimate care (toileting, bathing, and dressing/undressing), or for children who require regular restraint in order to keep themselves safe.
We also don’t accept referrals for children who fall outside of the age range (6-13) this year, and would ask they’re referred in the year which they fall into this age range. 

What happens next?

We begin processing referrals once we receive them. We will contact families and referrers if we need more information, and will contact families directly to discuss what we are able to offer them when that decision has been made. We endeavor to contact all referrers after the summer holidays to let them know which of the children were offered and took part in a Campus Holiday.