Campus runs projects throughout the year for over 200 children. Our main projects run in the summer – our Residential project is for children aged 8-13 whilst younger children from the age of 6 can attend day trips on our Hippocampus project.

All children from the summer are invited back for a day on Winter Project, giving continuity to both helpers and children. A number of our thirteen year olds who demonstrate leadership potential are invited to be trained up as helpers on Young Helper Project which runs over Easter.

Residential Project

Residential project runs throughout the school summer holidays, based at a site in North Yorkshire. For many of our children this is only chance they have to escape the city. We take around 30 children (aged 8-13) each week who would not otherwise receive a holiday or who need a break from home for whatever reason. … Continue reading Residential Project


Hippocampus is our summer project for younger kids, from the age of 6, and those who would prefer to go on a non-residential project. Each week we take around 15 children although they don’t stay on site – we pick them up from home each morning and drop them off in the evening. Mornings are spent … Continue reading Hippocampus

Winter Project

Winter Project provides continuity for helpers and children by running between Christmas and New Year. We hire a site somewhere in Liverpool and invite each week of children from the summer back for one day so they can be reunited with the friends they made in the summer and their favourite helpers. The morning is spent on … Continue reading Winter Project

Young Helper Project

Young Helpers are trained volunteers aged between 14 and 17, all of whom attended Campus projects as children.  Upon reaching the maximum age of attendance (13), those who have demonstrated the greatest potential for leadership are invited to attend Young Helper Project (YHP) – an intensive residential training weekend, during which they are equipped with … Continue reading Young Helper Project