Referrals for residential 2019 are still open. We have allocated all 155 spaces and are operating a reserves list. Children on the reserves list will be contacted about any places that do come up as and when (usually when a child drops out). Children referred now will be added to the reserves list. We can take about 15 more referrals before closing the reserves list. Children will only be offered a place if others drop out. Please do not promise places to children or families. Click on this link to make a referral: www.campusholidays/2019referrals

Referrals for Hippocampus day trips have closed for 2019 as we have allocated all 50 places and have a lot of reserves already.

Any children still on the reserves list at the end of summer 2019 will be offered a place in summer 2020 as a priority. Referrals made in July/August are unlikely to lead to a place this year.

For residential, we accept referrals from professionals working with children in need of a break, in school years 3-8, living in Liverpool (L1-28) or North Wirral (CH41-45).

If you have any questions or queries, or want to check anything with us before making a referral, please contact our children’s officer (Lucy) at or on 0870 765 5437.