Referrals for Campus 2019 has now closed. The waiting list for Hippocampus day trips is completely closed, but see below regarding residential reserves. We have allocated all 155 spaces on residential and 50 places on Hippocampus day trips.

We do regularly have children who choose not to or are unable to take up their places on Campus for various reasons.  We try to provide the maximum number of trips each summer, so we always want to replace these children with others who will benefit.

As such, we operate a reserves list and a waiting list.  You can add a child to the waiting list by sending an email with the child’s initials, gender, age and first half of postcode to   If there are few children of that age and gender on the reserves list, we may ask you to call us to take a full referral over the phone.  We would then call the family if any children did drop out.

For residential, we accept referrals from professionals working with children in need of a break, in school years 3-8, living in Liverpool (L1-28) or North Wirral (CH41-45).

If you have any questions or queries, please contact our children’s officer (Lucy) at or on 0870 765 5437.