Recommend a child to Campus 2018

Thank you for your interest in recommending a child to Campus Children’s Holidays, Summer 2018. Our week-long projects will run during the school Summer holidays.

We encourage you to submit referrals as soon as possible, as date of recommendation is one of a number of variables which we take into account when allocating places.

If you have any questions or difficulties in completing this form, please contact Lucy Akrill (Children’s Officer) at or on 08707 655 437.

Please note: After this recommendation, we will contact the nominated person to gather more information about the child and complete a full referral.  We will forward this referral to you by email, which you must reply to in order to let us know that you are happy with the information provided.

We will contact you and the family/carer in June to let you know about any project that the child has been allocated to, or if they have been added to the reserves list.

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