Are you a social worker who works with a child who would benefit from our projects? The referral deadline for our 2017 summer projects was 30th April 2017, but we have a small number of places remaining for new and returning referrals. Please contact our children’s officer (Emma) at or on 0870 765 5437 for more information or to receive a referral form.

For younger children (roughly aged 6-10), we offer a daily programme spanning five days, whilst for older children (aged 8-13) we provide a Residential programme which runs from Sunday to Friday. All children referred must live within reasonable travel distance of the centre of Liverpool so that it is possible for us to arrange to pick them up for our projects.

Please note that all children must be referred to Campus by a social worker, and our children are aged between 6 and 13. However, we do not generally accept new referrals for children aged 12 and 13; applications for such children are likely only to be successful if spare spaces become available on our projects.