Recommendations for our 2018 summer projects are now open!.   We have taken a huge number of recommendations already. Please do not promise children or families that they have a place on our projects unless they were recommended before 23rd March 2018. However, we will keep recommendations open as there are likely to be further places that become available. We can accept recommendations from social workers, Barnardo’s staff and Early Help Hubs. Click here:

For 2018, we have changed the process to make it easier for you to recommend children to Campus.  The form should take no longer than 10 minutes per child.  It asks some safety questions about the child, some details about the family’s background and for contact details of a suitable adult to complete a more detailed referral.

We can only accept referrals from children age 6 or over, and have an upper age limit of 13.  This is equivalent to children currently in Year 1 to Year 8.  Children must be age 8 or over to attend the Residential programme but can attend the daily programme from age 6.

We collect children from their homes to attend Campus projects.  As such, we need to restrict the areas that we take referrals from.  We generally only take children from postcodes L1 to L28 and CH41 to CH46.  We will consider other referrals on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact our children’s officer (Lucy) at or on 0870 765 5437 for more information or to discuss a particular child you wish to recommend to attend a project.