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unspecified1All our projects here at Campus Children’s Holidays are run by dedicated volunteers, as is our committee. Our volunteers look after the children on our holidays to keep them safe and ensure that they enjoy themselves as much as possible – often by providing a face to be painted. One of the highlights of being a volunteer is getting to enjoy the activities yourself and many of our volunteers are children themselves at heart.

Here’s what some of some of our helpers said about their experiences of Campus:

“Last year was my first time volunteering with Campus. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn’t go with anyone I knew, but those feelings quickly subsided as everyone there was so friendly and in exactly the same boat. Going on activities with the kids didn’t just involve supervising them and making sure they stayed out of trouble; helpers do everything too! Even if this means getting soaked in mud to the point where you’re still picking out flecks of dirt a week later… It was the most rewarding part of my summer and I can’t wait to come back this year!” – Emilie

“I can’t quite bvolunteer1elieve I’m coming up to my fifth year of Campus! If I’d known before my first week how tough it could get, I wouldn’t have thought I could do it; I’ll never forget being woken up at 5am my first morning by five girls under the age of 10…  Campus has taught me how much I’m capable of, and has been incredibly fun too. It always turns out to be the best week of my summer, with a mixture of new and familiar faces amongst kids and (amazing) helpers alike.  Roll on residential!” – Jenny

“I’ve volunteered for Campus now for 12 summers and coordinated a number of different projects over that time. It continues to be without question one of the most enjoyable, eventful, rewarding and memorable times of the year. For anyone that has got as far as reading this and doesn’t put aside a few days this summer to volunteer I guarantee that you will be missing out on a huge life opportunity and an experience that you will not find in any other walk of life. The time with the children is always fantastic and it’s amazing to see the how much they get from Campus, the time with the other volunteers allows you to build life-long friendships with truly incredible people. The most important thing about Campus is it remains always a huge amount of fun!” – Andy

For more information on what volunteering with Campus involves, please read our info sheet, or contact Becky (recruitment@campusholidays.org.uk) to find out more.